Today we are off to Chicago Illinois to our very first chiropractor Dr. Michael Risher.
Are you over 30 and finding your youthful movements you’ve been doing so well in your 20’s are starting to let you down?
Finding niggles present themselves and stay present rather than leaving quickly as they used to?
Then this episode is for you!
For Michael, a fractured lower back in high school sparked his love for sports chiropractic, a career he has pursued up to the present day, where he now treats elite athletes from the Chicago Bears. His unique style of chiropractic is one that will help fast track your body to becoming more resilient and perform for far longer doing the things you love:
We chat:
  • What you’re probably not training: Fascial pathways (connective tissue)! Why it is an essential part of much needed training for the over 35’s
  • Training your body’s function more globally, a unit that works together to make complex movements far easier and resilient to injury.
  • Challenging traditional views on the health practices: You’re a chiropractor you crack backs, you’re a physio: you give massage and therabands etc.
And much more…

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