In this episode we chatted with elite obstacle course racer and fireman Lachlan Dansie. Lachlan started his fitness journey far later in life, racing first at aged thirty after a huge 7 year nomadic trip around the world. In just five short years he built a huge endurance engine and started winning on the world stage in obstacle course racing.
He is a bit of an all rounder, beating world greats such as Johnathon Albon and Ryan Atkin in 5km Spartan races, right up to 24 hour endurance races, where he holds a five year domination of back to back victories in the True Grit 24 hour with a top distance of 170 km (that’s running with doing obstacles on top!).
We talk 24 hour obstacle course races, building your endurance energy system, resilience and mindset tips, avoiding injury and the unique nutrition you need for these massive events.

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