With COVID-19 continually changing lives and forcing citizens to make adjustments to their daily routines and plans, it’s clear that there’s no better time to start seeking alternatives than today.

When we talk about alternatives, we’re referring to different aspects of your daily routines that can be made safer by switching to other approaches that minimise our contact with other citizens, particularly if you live in an area with new COVID cases. Conscious adjustments, such as opting to stay home for work or getting groceries every fortnight or once each month, can all add up and increase your chances of staying as safe as possible!

If face-to-face physiotherapy makes you anxious, if you prefer getting physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home or a compromised population such as the elderly, immunocompromised, or people with lung disease, virtual physiotherapy is for you!

What is virtual physiotherapy?

Simply put, virtual physiotherapy is a form of modern mental healthcare that involves video calls to provide physiotherapy services.

Alternatively referred to as “telerehabilitation” or “telehealth consultation,” this treatment was developed to provide accessibility to those who have barriers that make it difficult to leave their home or others that prefer convenience on their terms. With this system of consultation, you can connect with a team of experienced physiotherapists for a full-blown treatment session from the comfort of your own home, workspace, or wherever you feel comfortable. Invigor Health provides a secure platform to do virtual physiotherapy consultations with our patients.  

How does it work?

Generally, this type of safer treatment program takes place on a device that helps bridge the gap between a professional and their patient.

Often taking place with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, telerehabilitation mimics the conditions of what patients would be experiencing when they visit for an in-person session. After submitting the necessary information and documentation to your physiotherapy practice, a patient will receive an email with the secured link to their session. 

From here, it is as easy as clicking on the link. The link will transport you to the platform where you and your physiotherapist can correspond.

Is it just as effective as regular physiotherapy?

Absolutely––over the years, telerehabilitation has been refined, improved, and tested to the point where it is similar to (if not better) face-to-face treatments that one would otherwise have in a physical clinic. This is great news in times like these because such services are highly beneficial. Virtual physiotherapy possesses the same safety, effectiveness, and ethical standards of care as in-person visits!

What happens during a virtual physiotherapy session? 

Often, telerehabilitation involves going over various tasks that improve or restore the conditions and quality of life of people with musculoskeletal, vestibular, or pelvic health conditions. Here are a few common tasks that take place during a call whenever you sign up and register for a session with Invigor Health’s experts:

  •     Assessment and accurate diagnosis of your injury, area of pain or concern. This can involve:

    Evaluation of range of motion

    Examination of strength

    Examination of motor or movement control

The physiotherapist can also provide you with an accurate diagnosis. From there, they can make recommendations to treat your pain or concern.


Today, virtual physiotherapy sessions have become a gold standard in attaining and enjoying effective treatment experiences without experiencing any additional risks amid this time of COVID-19. Through the help of a dependable physiotherapy practice that has your best interests in mind, you’ll be able to recover safely and effectively from any condition, all from the comfort and safety of your home!

At Invigor Health, we offer online physiotherapy consultations in Bondi, NSW, that helps all types of People recover from injuries, improve their movement, and refine their running technique. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment with an expert!

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