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The beauty in diversifying one’s fitness routine is the ability to try new things while still improving your general wellbeing. While most people prefer using bodyweight exercises or workout machines, sometimes simpler techniques are best.

Deadlifts can give you a great workout experience since it’s essentially a basic moving pattern that people use in their lives regularly. Besides strengthening a person’s routine movements, it can be impactful in sports-specific training. If you want to learn more about enriching your workout with deadlifts, use this article as your guide.

Understanding the Value of a Good Deadlift

Deadlifts primarily influence a person’s lumbopelvic rhythm, which pertains to the combined movement of the lumbar spine and pelvis. Analysing these two parts’ movements contribute to a major part in exercise physiology by helping determine factors that lead to recurring injuries. Additionally, it can prevent the risk of lower back pain while correcting key movement patterns.

Executing a Proper Deadlift

Like any workout, proper form is necessary to enjoy the benefit of deadlifts. Thankfully, all you need is a bar, pair of dumbbells, or a kettlebell of a slightly challenging load to lift. Here’s how you should adequately execute a deadlift.

Start with a hinge by flexing at the hips to make contact with your weights. Afterwards, lift the weight off the floor and slowly bring your hips to the bar. Keep in mind that movement will primarily depend on your gluteus maximus.

Next, tighten the core by keeping your back straight, chest out, and stomach in. Your back extensors and shoulders should remain rigid throughout. From a starting position with slightly bent knees, lift your weights up to a standing position without bending your arms. Maintain the pose and return to your original position repeatedly in measured sets and reps.

Slowly Learning Proper Deadlift Form

Without the proper form, you could carelessly injure yourself when performing deadlifts. As a general rule, it’s important to keep your hips back and maintain a neutral spine so it won’t suffer the brunt of the load. Additionally, your shoulders should remain squeezed to distribute the weight to your lower back and upper body. If you want to avoid unnecessary injuries, use these starter tips as your guide:

  • Focus on Your Form: The best way to learn deadlifts is to start without weights. This will teach you to be more mindful of proper form without putting too much stress on your body. It’s best to perform deadlifts with a mirror in front so you can see how your body and limbs look.
  • Practice with Minimal Weights: Once you have the proper form memorised, you can proceed with practising with your weights. This will be a much different experience, so you shouldn’t add too much weight. Sometimes, your body may seem capable of lifting heavy loads during your first try. Remember that Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) won’t occur immediately, so you shouldn’t push yourself during your first attempts.
  • Challenge Your Body Gradually: Over time, your body will find its footing on how much weight it can carry. Once you’ve found the perfect starting weight, you can gradually increase the load or sets to always challenge your body.


Deadlifts are one of the many fundamental exercises people need to master, not just for their fitness goals but also in physiotherapy rehabilitation. Besides strengthening a person’s body, it leads to effective prevention of recurrent pain. With the right instructions for your fitness routine, you can experience the full benefit of mastering deadlifts.

Getting professionals to teach you the right form to maintain your fitness is key to living a healthier lifestyle. Thankfully, you don’t have to move far or look for an expensive fitness trainer or physiotherapist to assist you. If you need affordable physiotherapy in Sydney, we can accommodate your needs through innovative solutions. Get in touch with us to receive online physiotherapy consultations today!

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