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Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a health care service that provides holistic rehabilitation for injuries, disabilities and improving performance in both athletes and weekend warriors alike! The goal of physio is to improve a person’s quality of life and return to or even improve a person’s function. It is also a way to develop and encourage active recovery among patients. Physio helps people become aware of how they can improve their lifestyle through body awareness and exercise. There are many things people do not know about physiotherapy; here are some misconceptions about the practice, debunked.

FALSE: You Need A Referral To Have Physio

You do not need a referral or prescription from a doctor to start seeing a physiotherapist. You can sign up for a consultation the moment you walk through the door. Note, though, if you are seeing a physiotherapist due to an insurance claim, you will need to have seen a doctor and be referred to physiotherapy for reimbursement.

FALSE: Physiotherapy Is Only For Professional Athletes

Many people know that physiotherapists treat athletes and people recovering from accidents. However, they can also attend to people with active lifestyles, weekend warriors, or those who have “wear and tear” pain. Physios help weekend warriors by providing them with forms of hands on treatment to improve mobility and teach corrective exercises building their strength, resilience and fitness. Meanwhile, people with “wear and tear” pain get individualised treatment for symptom reduction and joint retraining.

FALSE: Physiotherapists Can Help Avoid All Injuries

Physiotherapists are not invincible. Many physiotherapists are very active and have had many of the injuries you may be experiencing. The difference is that they know how to get themselves back to full function. Whether it is an injury in the gym or a running related injury, they know the right strategies to speed up their recovery.

What A Physiotherapist Actually Does

Physiotherapists help you optimise your body. Besides recovering from injuries, they can also help in preventing them from occurring in the first place. They can check your running or training form and spot areas of weakness or dysfunction, and this then helps them begin to implement strategies that improve the target area through a systemised approach to rehabilitation.

Physios can also provide training guidelines and exercises for patients to accomplish at home, which compliment their recovery from pain and injury. When the patient or client has an upcoming race, they can coordinate at length with a physio and update them on any aches or niggles so that the physiotherapist can address and fix these issues before an injury rears it’s ugly head!

Besides consultations in a sporting or athletic environment, physios can work with kids and the elderly, handling a wide variety of injuries and ailments, from musculoskeletal pathologies to neurology and more. Each physiotherapy session is customised to a client’s needs. Some clients might only need one session, while others would need several months or years of treatment.


Physiotherapists work hard to help their clients improve their physical function and become independent in the long run. They help people prevent injuries by checking their current physical and lifestyle habits, noting what is needed to begin to change, and identifying the best way for them to engage in physical activities like sports, running and the gym.

Since physiotherapists can help improve a multitude of injuries and conditions, they will have various different treatment schedules/timelines when helping return to full function. Whether you’re a pro athlete or someone who wants to live an active lifestyle, regular visits to a physio can improve your performance, and your health and wellness.

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