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Running is a popular and pervasive form of physical activity, providing numerous health benefits and a natural way to stay fit, active, and engaged. However, a common hurdle faced by many runners—be they beginners or seasoned competitors—is finding the most efficient and injury-free running technique. At Invigor Health, our experienced physiotherapists are adept at conducting comprehensive running assessments that analyse your unique running style and biomechanics, delivering personalised insights and recommendations to help you optimise your running economy, minimise injury risk, and reach your full potential. In this informative article, we will guide you through the fundamentals of running assessments at Invigor Health, exploring the process, the components involved, and the transformative benefits you can achieve by fine-tuning your running technique.

The importance of understanding and addressing inefficiencies in one’s running technique cannot be overstated. Inefficient running styles can lead to unnecessary stress and strain on the body, increasing the risk of injury and compromising performance over time. With the support of expert physiotherapists at Invigor Health, you can move beyond the limitations of your current running technique, discovering powerful new ways to enhance your economy, prevent injury, and achieve sustainable improvements in your performance.

In the sections that follow, we will delve into the world of running assessments at Invigor Health, discussing the comprehensive approach adopted by our skilled physiotherapists in analysing your running style and biomechanics, as well as the tailored feedback and recommendations that result from the assessment. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to transform your running experience, as Invigor Health’s experts help you to unlock your true potential and achieve new milestones, one step at a time.

I. The Process of Running Assessments at Invigor Health

1. Pre-Assessment Interview and Goal Setting

The running assessment process begins with a pre-assessment interview, where our physiotherapist will gather information on your running history, goals, and any concerns or issues you may have experienced. This discussion enables the development of a comprehensive understanding of your individual needs and objectives.

2. Physical Assessment

Next, our physiotherapist will conduct a physical assessment to evaluate your strength, flexibility, stability and any potential biomechanical issues that may be impacting your running efficiency. This examination helps to identify areas that require improvement and allows for a more precise analysis of your running technique.

II. Key Components of a Running Assessment

1. Video Gait Analysis

During the running assessment, our physiotherapist will use video gait analysis to capture footage of your running technique from multiple angles. This in-depth analysis helps to identify any biomechanical issues, inefficiencies, or movement patterns that may be contributing to injury risk or limiting your performance.

2. Biomechanical and Running Economy Evaluation

Our expert physiotherapist will scrutinise the collected footage and assess your biomechanics, foot strike pattern, cadence, and overall running economy. By examining these factors, the running assessment offers invaluable insights into the drivers of your running performance and potential areas requiring refinement.

III. Tailored Feedback and Recommendations

1. Addressing Biomechanical Inefficiencies

Once the running assessment is complete, our physiotherapist will provide you with detailed feedback on your running technique and biomechanics, highlighting any problematic areas or inefficiencies that may benefit from attention. They’ll then recommend targeted interventions to address these issues, allowing for a more efficient, comfortable, and injury-free running style.

2. Personalised Exercise Prescription

Based on the findings of the running assessment, our physiotherapist will prescribe exercises specifically designed to enhance strength, flexibility, neuromuscular control, and biomechanical alignment, as required. These exercises are tailored to your individual needs and goals, ensuring a targeted and effective approach to improving your running performance.

IV. The Transformative Benefits of Running Assessments

1. Improved Running Efficiency

By identifying and addressing inefficiencies in your running technique, running assessments at Invigor Health can unlock new levels of running economy, enabling you to perform more optimally with less effort. This translates to improved endurance, speed, and overall performance in your chosen running events or activities.

2. Injury Prevention and Management

One of the key benefits of running assessments is the ability to pinpoint potential injury risks and provide targeted interventions to reduce these risks. By addressing biomechanical inefficiencies and muscle imbalances, our physiotherapists can help to prevent injury and ensure a more sustainable, healthy running experience.

3. Personalised Coaching and Ongoing Support

Through running assessments, our physiotherapists not only provide tailored feedback and recommendations but also offer ongoing support to ensure your continued success. With their expertise in running biomechanics and injury management, they are well-equipped to guide you through your ongoing journey toward optimal running performance and injury prevention.


Running assessments at Invigor Health offer a powerful, evidence-based approach to optimising your running technique, improving performance, and reducing the risk of injury. With the support of our expert physiotherapists in Bondi Junction & Maroubra, who provide comprehensive analysis, personalised feedback, and targeted interventions, you can embrace a future of enhanced running economy and the achievement of your desired running goals. Unlock your full running potential and pave the way for continued success and satisfaction in your running pursuits, guided by the expertise and care of Invigor Health’s dedicated physiotherapy team.

Ready to take your running performance to the next level and safeguard your body against injury? Schedule a running assessment at Invigor Health and begin your journey towards efficient, pain-free, and improved running today.

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