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Physical therapy can be quite beneficial, especially for those recovering from an injury. And it’s important to make the most out of your physical therapy to boost your recovery time and get back to regular programming. So, here are some ways you can maximise your physical therapy sessions.

Set Goals

Goal-setting is essential because it can really motivate you to move towards your goals. This is true even in physical therapy. While your main goals are to heal and get better, those can still be quite vague. So, you have to make a goal that is more concrete so you can better visualise it.

For some, their goal could be to move more independently and get a lot of their daily activities done all on their own. Meanwhile, athletes may aim to come out of therapy ready to go back into the field. Your goals will depend on your needs and the reality of your situation.

Once you’ve established your primary goal, you can break it down into smaller objectives. For example, you can ask yourself what you want to achieve in this particular session. This way, you can better celebrate your milestones and progress.

Communicate with Your Physical Therapist

While your physical therapist is a trained professional that knows what they’re doing, they are not mind readers. So, you still need to communicate your thoughts and feelings regarding your sessions with them.

Speak openly with your physical therapist so you can make the most out of your sessions. You can start by telling them your goals for your physical therapy so they can understand your expectations and work their best to help you achieve these goals. 

You should also be able to voice your concerns, especially when you’re feeling pain or having difficulty performing a task during therapy. This way, they can adjust accordingly and make you feel more comfortable. 

Keep a Journal of Your Progress

It can be a great idea to keep a journal so you can take notes regarding your sessions. This can help you manage any anxiety you may be feeling because of your physical condition and help you log your progress better. 

Your journal doesn’t just have to be a summary of what you did during each session. It can also include some of your thoughts and how you felt before and after your session. You can also use your journal to mark certain milestones in your recovery journey. 

Admittedly, some days will feel worse than others. And a journal can help you silence those negative thoughts in your head. You can unload all these feelings onto the paper to have a healthy release. Or you can also flip through the pages to remind yourself of all the progress you’ve made. 

Remember, mental health plays a crucial role in your physical health. When you take better care of your mental health, you can perform better and boost recovery time.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to maximize your physical therapy sessions to boost recovery and promote progress. This means setting the right goals, openly communicating with your physical therapist taking care of your mental health.

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