Many believe that once the surgery is done, the worst is over. And while that may be true, that doesn’t mean it’s smooth-sailing from here on out. The patient still has to go through recovery before transitioning back to their everyday lives. 

And for surgeries such as a joint replacement, physical therapy is often a crucial part of the recovery process. While many believe that they do not need physical therapy, it can actually help a lot and make a big difference. In fact, here are some reasons physical therapy is essential after a joint replacement.

Reduce Risk of Post-Surgery Complications

One of the most common problems that patients experience after a joint replacement are complications. Yes, complications do happen even in the best of situations. But, there is a way to reduce these problems, and that’s through physical therapy. 

Physical therapy can help patients get their bodies ready for surgery and after surgery. It will help them learn how to move their body safely, which is vital for a successful surgery and recovery.

Build Strength

A major problem for many patients after joint replacement are weak muscles. After surgery, there is a very long recovery period. That means that the patient needs to focus on getting their muscles back to full strength, but also on things like endurance. 

But, this is where physical therapy can help. Physical therapy requires patients to do a lot of exercises. These exercises help strengthen their muscles and build their endurance, which is so important for recovery.

Improve Mobility

Another essential thing to focus on after joint replacement is mobility. Many people are in a wheelchair or using a walker or cane after their surgery. But, there are ways to improve their mobility. 

The main way to improve mobility is through physical therapy. While physical therapy isn’t designed as a way to build mobility, that’s exactly what it does. Through physical therapy, patients learn how to move their bodies effectively and do things like push-ups.

Relieve Pain

One important thing to focus on after surgery is pain. That’s why many patients go to physical therapy. Physical therapy has a lot of movements that can help with joint pain. For example, they may concentrate on strengthening the muscles that surround the joint. 

Physical therapy can also be very effective in reducing swelling, especially in the first week or two after surgery. This is why it’s crucial to go to physical therapy as soon as possible after surgery.

Final Thoughts

When surgery is done, that doesn’t mean the worst is over. In fact, there’s a whole other road to travel called recovery. Recovery is a long and winding road, but there are ways to make it easier. Physical therapy can be a big help with recovery due to the many benefits it provides. And that is exactly why it’s so important to go to physical therapy after joint replacement. It can help reduce the risk of complications, build strength, improve mobility and relieve pain.

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