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Many people who resolved to improve their health realize by the end of the year that they haven’t taken care of themselves. So, looking forward to the New Year, they set a goal to improve their health. One goal often people set is to complete a marathon in the coming year.

If you are planning to run a marathon this year, and it’s your first time participating in one, this article is for you! Here, you will learn useful tips to better prepare yourself for the event.

Key Tips to Help Prepare Yourself for Your First Marathon

1 – Enter the event early

Planning to run a marathon is a great goal, but leave enough time to prepare yourself, especially your body. Give yourself at least three months to train, and be honest with yourself with regard to your training schedule. If you don’t dedicate enough time to preparing yourself, you may injure yourself or worse, and you may burn out during the event. You can sign up for the marathon online via the official website.

2 – Set a training schedule

While you may have a good idea of how much time you need to spend running, you also need to set a training schedule as part of your preparation for the marathon. Having a training schedule in place allows you to stay on track and allows you to follow a training plan to properly prepare for the race.

3 – Find a Running Buddy

Another great piece of advice for runners who are about to start marathon training is to find a running buddy to join you. Having a running buddy can encourage you to keep on running even when you feel too tired. It can also serve as a great motivation.

4 – Improve your core strength

Besides improving your running fitness, you must also focus on improving your core strength. The core muscles can help improve your posture and balance while running, and they can also help reduce back pain. If you are not used to exercising the core muscles, your back could end up hurting after a couple of km.

5 – Use the Right Footwear for Running

Using the right footwear for running will help reduce the risk of injury. Make sure that your running shoes are in good condition and that they are well-fitted. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more on your footwear, make sure that you choose the one that can be specifically designed for running.

6 – Build up your running endurance

Building up your running endurance is one of the most important pieces of advice to make sure that you can finish the marathon. If you have been running for a long time and have been training yourself, you shouldn’t have a problem with your endurance.

7 – Dress Comfortably

When running in a marathon, you must dress comfortably, without worrying too much about the style. It is best to wear light clothing that provides warmth, as well as a pair of running shoes that are appropriate to the weather during the event.


Although running is a challenging sport, you can enjoy it, even more, when you make yourself well-prepared. To guarantee your success in the event, you need to take care of your body and prepare yourself in advance. Follow the above tips, and you will surely be among the lucky ones who will complete the marathon in the coming year.

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