lower back pain for a woman

Many have shared a similar sentiment in which the lower back starts to hurt. Although some may make a joke that everyone is already experiencing lower back pain at an early age, it’s important not to brush off this potentially serious condition. Whether it’s a sharp pang of pain after lifting something or just a daily ache in your hips or pelvis, seek out solutions.

Arrange a session with a physiotherapist to find out what you can do to free yourself from lower back pain. You can also invest your time and efforts into injury and damage prevention by utilising a movement screen with an expert’s supervision so that you never have to experience such discomfort. You don’t have to live your life in constant wear and tear. 

Granted, there are various forms of back pain and symptoms. Some may experience muscle spasms or tightness, while others would describe a dull veil of pain during every movement. Here are the potential reasons behind your chronic lower back pain:

1) Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as a spinal deformity that lists lower back pain as a side effect of your body’s unnatural back curve. The improper shape of your spine usually results in the slow deterioration of different joints and disks in the body. It’s important to avoid applying stress on the lower back and to await further advice from a licensed professional.

2) Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis is a condition wherein the lumbar vertebra of the spine slips and places too much compression on the disk that’s forward it. Due to the slow deterioration of these disks due to the force of the fall, it can bring about lower back pain. Get an official diagnosis from a medical expert and try to identify what type of spondylolisthesis you’re dealt with.

3) Herniated Disk

The lumbar disks, as mentioned above, is subject to quite a bit of pressure. It can withstand some pain due to the outer rind and inner gel that makes up its composition. However, a herniated lumbar disk is a case wherein the inner gel affects the surrounding nerves and tissue of the spine. Pain can happen instantaneously or gradually, depending on your situation.

4) Osteoarthritis

Although it may not seem like it, the lower back comprises different facet joints that experience large loads of stress over time. This can depend on your physical activity, how you handle it and the posture that you provide. When the facet joints are damaged due to osteoarthritis, this can cause stiffness and muscle pain due to inflammation.

5) Spinal Compression Fracture

If you have ever gotten into a traumatic accident, your spine may bear the brunt of the experience. Spinal compression fractures occur due to the lumbar spine vertebra’s sudden collapse on itself. Once one gets such a fracture, they will have to experience limited spinal mobility until properly rehabilitated.

6) Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

The spinal canal of your lower back is prone to pressuring the nerve roots in that same area. Too much force can result in bone spurs and further ligament thickness. It can also contribute to the deterioration of a lumbar disk or joint, which doubles down on the potential pain that a person may experience. 


Don’t sit idly and dismiss whatever sudden and chronic pain you feel in your lower back. Inform your loved ones and connect with a professional who can give you a proper assessment so that you can improve your quality of life again. 

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