Massage Therapy

Sports, as engaging and good for health as they may be, still make an individual rather prone to sustaining injury. Thankfully, sports physiotherapy exists to aid in treating these injuries and helping recovery.

With the proper physiotherapy techniques, you can speed up your healing, reduce your downtime, and ease any pain and discomfort you may be feeling. With this, let’s break down some helpful methods for treating certain injuries you may sustain playing sports.

1 – Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release is a technique that aims to break up and release myofascial and soft tissue restrictions that are often tightened up from working out or from having an injury. 

A therapist will manipulate your muscles and guide you through gentle stretches in order to ease up any congestion in your tissues and improve the elasticity of your muscles. These movements will help break up the soft tissue and help it regain normal flexibility and ease of movement.

2 – Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique that aims to relieve pain and help heal sore muscles by breaking up tight and contracted muscles. The goal here is to relieve built-up tension that one can experience from certain injuries and overuse.

The pressure applied with this technique may feel more intense, but the pressure is meant to alleviate tightness and soreness once the massage is done. It involves the use of thumbs, elbows, and thumbs to apply deep strokes, light pressure, various strokes, and kneading.

3 – Friction Technique

This technique largely involves using circular movements to apply friction to affected areas. Using a gliding, rubbing technique that rolls over the skin’s surface, the procedure increases blood flow and loosens up tight tissue.

This technique also helps break down scar tissue, relieve pain, and help in pain management. These are all very helpful, especially when you need to regain your range of movement.

When Do You Need Massage Therapy?

A lot of people are not sure when they should get a massage, especially if it is for sports-related injuries. First off, it is crucial to determine if you have an injury or if you are just sore from general movement.

You can always get a massage for general soreness, but it’s good to get massage therapy for sustained issues. Suppose you have pain, tight or stiff muscles, reduced flexibility, spasms and cramps, limited range of motion, and reduced strength and flexibility, then it may be time to consider physiotherapy as an option.

These signs are often caused by stress, injury, or intense exercise. And although it can be tempting to reach for pain relievers or over the counter medications, massage therapy work well to treat these ailments without ingesting anything.


The techniques mentioned above can be used for various issues that affect your knees, shoulders, and ankles. The way they will be done will depend on the affected area, but a licensed professional will know exactly what to do. Nowadays, you can access affordable physiotherapy so that you don’t have to be bogged down by your injuries.

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