Ankle Fracture

A broken ankle can severely limit your ability to perform basic tasks, such as walking and running. Your strength and mobility will be impaired, and you will likely experience pain.

You may benefit from physical therapy after a broken ankle to help you fully recover physical functionality and return to your previous level of activity.

Ankle Fracture Symptoms and Causes 

An ankle fracture is an injury to one or more of the bones in your ankle. The ankle comprises eight bones that support your weight, allow you to stand and help you balance.

Ankle fractures are most commonly caused by a blow to the outside of your ankle or an overly-aggressive twisting movement. An ankle fracture often occurs when the foot is extended and in an unnatural position, such as when your foot gets stuck in the ground or while stepping off a curb.

In most cases, an ankle fracture is caused by an injury to a single bone in the ankle, though fractures of multiple bones are possible. Regardless of the type of fracture, the symptoms are similar.

Common Symptoms of Ankle Fracture

  • Pain in the ankle
  • Tenderness along the outside or inside of the ankle
  • A swollen, warm, or painful ankle
  • Difficulty moving the ankle

You may also experience an ankle fracture if you have a long-term condition, such as diabetes or osteoporosis, or taking medications that weaken your bones, such as steroid medications or chemotherapy.

Treatment of Ankle Fractures

For an ankle fracture, treatment depends on the severity of the injury. In many cases, especially minor ones, you will be able to start the treatment at home.

For a more severe fracture, and if you cannot move your ankle, you will be taken to the emergency room for immediate evaluation and treatment. In some cases, surgery may be required.

Your fracture will be evaluated at the emergency room, and X-rays will be taken. A CT scan and an MRI may be required to evaluate the fracture and surrounding ligaments and help plan surgery.

After being evaluated, you may be treated in the emergency room, in your doctor’s office, or at a nearby outpatient clinic.

Ankle Fracture Recovery Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you regain strength and function after an ankle fracture. Your physical therapist will evaluate your condition and create a custom therapy program for you.

Your therapy program may include exercises to improve your range of motion, balance and functional mobility. In addition to exercises, your physical therapist may use massage and manual techniques to improve circulation to the area, which will help increase mobility.

The length of your physical therapy program will depend on the location and severity of the fracture, your level of impairment and your ability to recover. Usually, physical therapy for a broken ankle lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. 

To help you get back to your normal activity levels as soon as possible, your physical therapist may also recommend a home exercise program to help you continue to improve your condition after you have completed your physical therapy treatment.


An ankle fracture can be extremely painful and debilitating. Physical therapy can help you recover your strength and mobility so that you can get back to your regular routine.

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