If you’re sitting at a desk all day?

What you do before you work out is just as important as what you do during.

You need a warm-up routine that not only preps your body for exercise, but undoes the damage of your desk job.

This FREE guide will take you through a routine of targeted warm-ups - specifically designed for office workers.

In the physiotherapy world, we call this pre-habilitation. The idea behind it is to prevent injury by preventing the imbalances that occur in the body.

Imbalances happen when we spend too much time in the one position (hello, office work!) which causes certain muscles are put under way more pressure while others become ‘lazy’.

The good news?

Studies show that using prehabilitation techniques before training helps you reverse these imbalances, improve speed and mobility AND reduce injury rates by up to 41%!* (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 2014)

And best of all - it doesn’t have to be crazy complicated to be effective!

As a practising physiotherapist and former personal trainer, I’m using my real-world experience to give you:

a simple warm-up routine based on pre-habilitation principles

a precise, three-step approach that specifically targets the muscle groups you need to focus on when you’re working at a desk all day

straightforward exercises that are explained and demonstrated in a clear, jargon-free way

Complete with simple instructions, video demonstrations and graphics, you’ll be able to launch straight into your own physio-approved warm-up.

Once you know the principles to genuinely effective pre-habilitation?

You will be able to:

say goodbye to those persistent aches, pains and postural issues

stay resilient to injury (by removing risk factors you didn’t even know you had!)

make your workouts WAY more efficient and improve your overall performance

Ready to undo that desk-job damage?

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Who are you learning from?

Meet Ryan; a qualified physiotherapist with a passion for preventative health.

As the founder of Invigor Health and the host of the Fit After 35 podcast, he helps people feel fit, active and pain-free, for the long term.

Not only does Ryan understand the incredible benefits of pre-habilitation from a physiotherapy perspective, he has had years of experience as a personal trainer.

This means he knows how to design genuinely effective warm-ups that not only protect you from injury, but maximise your workout results.

Through this free guide, Ryan will teach you how to take your routine to the next level, with evidence-based techniques that undo desk-job damage and get results.

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