Frequently Asked

Our Services:

1. If I have a specific injury, what consultation is right for me?

For clients who are currently dealing with a specific injury or acute or chronic pain, we recommend our physiotherapy service. We currently offer this as an in-person service at our Bondi Junction practice OR as an online service, where we conduct the consultation by using a secure, video conferencing call application called Cliniko.

Read on to find out more information about our in-person and online physiotherapy offerings, or visit our Physiotherapy page here.

2. Do I have to have an existing injury to book a consultation?

We are passionate believers in preventative health and fully encourage our clients to take a proactive approach to caring for their body. That’s why we designed services that complement our core physiotherapy offering.

These are our Movement Screen and our Running Assessment consultations.

The Movement Screen is for you if you want to get proactive about your health and fitness. By testing your strength, flexibility and neuromuscular control, we make sure your body is functioning effectively and free of pain.

The Running Assessment is for you if you’re someone who enjoys running – amateur and professional alike! Whether you run for leisure or at an elite level, it can help you optimise your performance, increase efficiency and protect against injury.

In-Person Physiotherapy:

3. How does your in-person physiotherapy work?

Our initial consultation involves a thorough physical examination and a guided conversation, so we can effectively diagnose your injury/pain and pinpoint the root cause behind it.

From there, we will generate a targeted and personalised treatment plan, we will implement this over the course of multiple appointments, which can incorporate manual therapy techniques and rehabilitative exercise.

4. What are your hygiene and safety practices when conducting in-person appointments?

Caring for your wellbeing is our number one priority – it always has been and it will continue to be, as we all navigate this unique and unprecedented time of COVID-19 prevention.

We are continually updating our hygiene and allied health practices, in accordance with the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. Here are a few examples, but if you have specific queries, get in touch here.

  • All our equipment is meticulously sanitised before and after every use.
  • We will follow all relevant hand-washing and personal hygiene measures and wear gloves during all interactions.
  • When engaging in the conversation component of our consultation, we will keep a safe and respectful distance as mandated by current WHO guidelines.
  • In our physical examination, we will be as efficient as possible and reduce any unnecessary contact where we can. We will also wear face masks during any close-contact parts of the examination.
  • We will never come to an appointment if we are showing any signs of illness, and during this time of COVID-19 Prevention, we are enacting all social distancing protocols in our personal and professional interactions.

5. How many physiotherapy appointments do I need to book?

This question is specific to those clients who are choosing our in-person physiotherapy service.

During our initial consultation, we will also give you an anticipated timeframe for treatment, with a clear idea of how many follow-up appointments you may need.

This will depend on the severity of your pain or injury and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Throughout the ‘early intervention’ stage of treatment, we are providing pain relief and normalising movement through therapeutic massage, joint manipulation and exercises focused on active release and passive/active range of motion. In this period, you can expect to see your physiotherapist on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.

6. Will I see you on an ongoing basis?

This question is specific to those clients who are choosing our in-person physiotherapy service.

The answer depends on the extent of your pain/injury. During the early stages of treatment and recovery, you’ll likely see us on a weekly basis for a defined period of time. But this is determined on a case-by-case basis and we can set realistic expectations around this during your initial consultation.

Most importantly, we don’t believe in a ‘set and forget’ approach to physiotherapy. Too often, we hear from people who have been going to their physiotherapist for ‘maintenance treatments’ every other week and with no end in sight.

While we are all for being proactive and consistent in your healthcare, we also believe that rehabilitation doesn’t have to last forever. We want to see you stay resilient to injury long-term, by making long-lasting lifestyle and exercise modifications.

With some simple, presentation-focused habits in your toolkit, you can keep optimising your strength and flexibility after your physiotherapy has finished.

Online Physiotherapy:

7. What is ‘online physiotherapy’? Can you really take me through an appointment while online?

We know it may sound a little unconventional, but online physiotherapy and other ‘tele-health’ services are increasingly common and can deliver excellent results, especially in situations where in-person consultation isn’t possible.

Not only does this offering have extra importance in this time of COVID-19 Prevention, but it means that we can serve clients who are located all the way across Australia, and even overseas! It is also an extra affordable way to work together, with additional follow-up support included in the cost of your consultation (which is still priced below our in-person services).

We use an online, video-conferencing application called Cliniko, which is specifically designed for health professionals. This means we are both able to jump on our secure, 1:1 video call and interact in real-time with ease.

While on that call, we will guide you through our exact consultation process; talking about your injury/pain, health history and lifestyle factors and guiding you through a physical examination where we can diagnose the root cause of your symptoms.

We will take you through a defined range of exercises and motions that will help us determine the impact of your injury/pain. By using video, we can easily physically demonstrate these exercises to you and we will be able to observe you in real-time, getting the visual information we need to assess you accurately and effectively.

After our consultation, we will send you a clear, personalised movement-based program, designed for pain relief a/services/physiotherapy/nd rehabilitation.

Find out more information on our online physiotherapy service here.

8. Do your online appointments come with follow-up support or is it only a one-off consultation?

When you book an online consultation with us, you will not only receive that initial appointment, but you’ll also access one week of follow-up email support, at no extra cost. This is where we can help and advise you as you move through the personalised rehabilitative exercise program we have provided.

You can contact us with specific questions every weekday and we will respond within 24 hours with tailored advice and clarification.

If after this, you decide you would like further consultation and advice, you can book in an additional week or multiple weeks. This will be priced at $40 for 1x week of weekday email support.

Find out more information on our online physiotherapy service here.

9. How do we video-call? Do I need to download an application?

For our online consultations, we use an internet-based, video conferencing application called Cliniko. It’s specifically designed for allied health professionals who are delivering their appointments online.

There’s no need to download anything – Cliniko couldn’t be easier to use. All you need is an internet connection!

When you first book your appointment, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Inside, you’ll find a personalised hyperlink. Once it’s time for your appointment, simply click this link to be taken straight to our 1:1 video call.

Our Approach and Qualifications:

10. What is your approach to physiotherapy and health?

No matter what the service, we pride ourselves on our integrity as health professionals. There are no snake oil remedies here, only evidence-based best practice and proven treatment protocols.

We believe that the best physiotherapy results come from combining:

  • a thorough understanding of health history and lifestyle factors
  • personalised consultation and examination to pinpoint the root cause of injury/pain
  • manual therapy techniques to normalise movement and provide effective pain relief (specific to in-person consultations)
  • a tailored rehabilitative exercise program to prevent injury recurrence and restore full function

For more information, you can check out our Physiotherapy consultations.

We also believe in putting preventative health at the forefront. That’s why we will be offering additional services that can identify abnormalities and injury risk-factors, before they happen.

These will be our Movement Screen and Running Assessment consultations.

11. What kind of service can I expect?

Our approach will never be one-size-fits-all. Instead, our focus is always on personal client relationships and customised advice. The greatest part of what we do is helping you understand your own health and body in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

Education is naturally embedded into everything we offer, because we want to see our clients feel fit, active and pain-free for the long-term.

We don’t do intimidating jargon, everything is broken down so you can protect yourself against injury in simple, practical ways.

To find out more about our philosophy and values, read our About page.

12. What are your qualifications and experience?

As our founder and principal physiotherapist, Ryan has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy. He has also completed post-graduate certificates in Exos Human Performance Mentorship, based in the USA and currently holds his Certificate III and IV in personal training.

He has worked as a licensed physiotherapist for 4 years. During this time, he has worked with a variety of clients across many age groups.

In particular, he supported high-performance sportspeople including the St George Illawarra Dragons Rugby League team, the Illawarra Hawks Basketball team and the Country Womens’ Rugby League team.

He now takes the treatment and rehabilitative exercise strategies he implemented for elite athletes and makes them accessible for everyone in his personal consultations.

Ryan also has a qualification as a personal trainer and worked in this field for 7+ years. During this time, he also consulted for Virgin Active and Fitness First gyms. Specifically, he advised personal trainers on how to identify, prevent and respond to client injuries and when to refer them to physiotherapists and allied health professionals.

Bookings, Pricing and Location:

13. Where are you located?

Our in-person consultations are located at Unit 404, 3 Waverley Street, Bondi Junction 2022. We can also carry out consultations via an internet-based, video conferencing application called Cliniko.

14. What is the duration of your consultations?

15. How much do your consultations cost and how do I pay?

  • Our initial, in-person Physiotherapy consultation cost $126
  • All follow-up in-person physiotherapy appointments cost $105
  • Our online Physiotherapy consultation is $105. This includes a week of follow-up email support for weekdays directly following your consultation. You can book in additional weeks of follow up support for $40.

16. How do I book a consultation?

We encourage you to book online or via phone.

To book our in-person appointments or an online consultation, you can use this online booking form.

You can also book consultations via phone by calling (02) 8324 1383.

If you have further questions that you would like to discuss prior to booking, call us or fill out our contact form.