Many people see seeing a physiotherapist as pointless if they aren’t injured. This is a classic if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it kind of attitude. However, patients often present to our practice with pain, injuries, and complaints resulting from underlying problems. So we try to identify the issues before they break.

Why You Should Not Ignore Pains and Tight Muscles

These problems include things like an imbalance in the strength or stability of their muscles. As a result, the patient will often notice these problems in their performance and pain. However, the cause of the problems lies in their muscles, not their joints. In other words, their pain is not the problem; it is the symptom.

After identifying the problem, we treat the muscles that are involved. We do this by finding causal factors that contribute to the problem and add to the pain and difficulties you are experiencing. Then we treat these underlying problems in the muscles.

We do this very precisely and work with only the patient. The outcome is a treatment plan centred on you. Typically, the procedure involves a series of sessions designed to build on the improvements incurred during the previous sessions.

Physiotherapy as Treatment for Injuries

One of the main ways physiotherapy can help prevent injuries is by ensuring that you are stretching and strengthening your muscles to the correct degree. Many of us don’t do enough of this, leaving us open to injury. If you are not doing the proper stretching or strengthening, you can have tight muscles, leaving you open to injury.

For example, if you have tight hamstrings, it can increase your knee’s risk of injury. This can lead to issues like runner’s knee. However, if you are doing the right amount of stretching, you can be sure that this risk of injury is minimised. Then, you are more likely to avoid injury when you do run.

Appreciating How Your Body Works

Another way physiotherapy can help prevent injuries is by allowing you to appreciate how your body works. The more you know about how your body works, the better you can understand how to avoid injury and what to do if you get injured.

For example, you may be aware that you have tight hamstrings. However, you may not be aware that you will not put unnecessary tension on your hamstrings if you keep your knees soft and don’t lock your knees when you run. This can help prevent injury.

Therefore, it is essential to understand how your body works to prevent injury. Physiotherapy can help you know this by teaching anatomy and physiology.

Dealing with Pain

Many people struggle with back pain, ankle pain, knee pain or neck pain, so they go to see a physiotherapist. However, they are experiencing this pain because of problems in the muscles, not the joints.

By treating the muscles, we can alleviate the pain you are experiencing. We can then help you to build on the improvements you have made during your sessions by learning exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Physiotherapy can help you avoid injury, treat injuries and help to ease the pain that you are currently experiencing. Therefore, if you are in pain, take the first step and book an appointment with us.

At Invigor Health, we offer physiotherapy that fixes your pain and future-proofs your body. We provide a whole range of treatments and tools that can help you feel fit, active and pain-free for the long term. If you’re looking for physiotherapy in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction, Invigor Health is the perfect place to go. Contact us or book an appointment with us today!

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