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The digital revolution is upon us—with innovative technologies introduced every single day, it comes as no surprise that telehealth consultations have now become the norm. The medical world is constantly in the process of development, and today, we’re now given the opportunity to help change lives—even despite the distance.

Various physiotherapists can now be accessed through the comfort of your home, thanks to virtual physiotherapy. It can be an entirely daunting experience, particularly since the idea of receiving therapy without a physiotherapist present sounds almost impossible. 

To help you make the most of your first virtual physiotherapy, we’ve gathered these quick and easy tips for you to follow. It isn’t complicated at all—you just need to be prepared!


Tip #1: Treat your online physiotherapy session just like a normal consultation

Teleconsultations are relatively easy; they work almost exactly the same as normal consultations. The process begins with a detailed assessment, where your physiotherapist will ask questions related to your injury or other areas of concern. 

They may also conduct a physical examination. During this examination, they will ask you to move certain parts of your body to assess its strength, flexibility, and coordination of complex movements. The physiotherapist will then use this information to formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

After planning a course of treatment, your physiotherapist will then go through all rehab exercises with you and instruct on what to do and not do in your day-to-day activities. It’s important to comply with these instructions to ensure that you’ll get the results you need. With teleconsultations, your therapist will ensure that you follow the correct techniques and provide feedback on your progress.


Tip #2: Make sure you won’t be distracted

When setting up an appointment, it’s important to remove anything that may distract you. It’s best to put your phone or any other distracting devices in another room or at least put it on silent so that nothing hinders your focus. Make sure to clear out your schedule for this appointment to make the most of it and ensure a smooth and successful telehealth session. If you cannot attend your appointment alone, then you may get someone else to accompany you during your teleconsultation.


Tip #3: Give yourself enough space to move around

Your online consultation is still physiotherapy, so expect your therapist to guide you through various movements. They’ll do this to ensure a thorough assessment, so make sure that you have ample space. You’ll need to step back from your device for a wider view, thereby allowing the physiotherapist to observe your movements without obstructions.


Your living room can perhaps be a good place, so create some space by moving things around if your injury permits you to do so. Having extra space is better than having little—it’s always best to keep safe, especially during your tailored treatment plan exercises.


The Bottom Line

Thanks to innovation, creativity, and technology, you’re now empowered to get physiotherapy treatment—no matter where you are in the world. You can now receive world-class treatment in the most convenient way possible, and the only thing you need to do is to sign up for one!

As you prepare for your first ever online session, make sure to keep the aforementioned tips for a good run. You’ll not only maximize your experience, but make sure to get accurate assessments, feedback, and above all, treatment plans. 

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