In this episode we gravitate back to what we think is an integral part of being holistically Fit: Mental Health!
Australian renowned Psychologist Kim Granland has an incredible story: Investment banker in the heart of London turned Psychologist in Sydney’s CBD.
Her passion: PEAK Performance coaching. That is helping CEO’s, Executives and busy professionals optimise their cognitive health and performance so they can live happier, healthier lives.
We chat:
– Managing burnout: If you are a Type A personality overworked, stressed, trying to still workout while managing your relationship and feel like you’re juggling way too many balls this is for you!
– Finding your purpose: Holistic health, finding life hard because you do not know what to do
– Self-efficacy: The evidence based process she performs with her clients to become their own therapist or executive coach through daily tasks and strategies.
And much more…

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