Just watched the Game Changers documentary and thinking of becoming plant based?
Tried veganism before and found you became fatigued, underperformed in your current sport or exercise regimen, or even became sick as a result of the diet?
Going full plant based is not to be done on a whim without educating yourself first!
In this episode we have naturopath and plant based medicine expert Bianca Sheedy, to get us ready to eat plants with an evidence based approach to a healthy, high performing vegan diet.
In this episode we chat:
– Is a plant based diet healthy and sustainable for long-term health?
– What are the important key nutrients in a vegan diet that we need to pay particular attention to and where can we find them in food sources in order to perform at a high level?
– What women 35+ need to be aware of with hormonal changes and some tips of what foods are beneficial for managing hormones.

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