With Sydney lockdown still in place, people are getting their exercise outdoors running and walking.
We thought it fitting to interview an absolute legend of the running game and get his advice on all things running after the age of 35!
In this episode we talk to Warren Williams, a Sydney based middle/long distance athlete and tri athlete with over 40 years of experience competing and coaching.
Warren is Head coach for Sydney’s well known running club “The Run Squad”, is an ambassador for Swiss Running Company and and speaker/ambassador for the Australian Heart Foundation.
In this episode we chat:
-Overcoming obstacles: From a serious medical condition that threatened his return to running, to back training with guys 20 years younger than him, we discuss his mindset tips to overcoming hardship in injury/illness!!!
-Tips for running efficiency
-Tips for reducing injuries when you’re running after the age of 35.
And much more…

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