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Sitting too long in one position is not ideal for your body. And when you do it every single day, it could strain your muscles, tendons, nerves, and soft tissues. You might even notice chronic tension on your back, shoulders, neck, and arms. 

This stress placed on your body could cause what is known as repetitive strain injuries. If you think you might be suffering from this condition, consult a physiotherapist and get a health and fitness check at the soonest possible time.

Leading Causes of Repetitive Strain Injuries

1. Bad Posture

Having bad posture when sitting down, especially when you are using the computer, is the primary cause of repetitive strain injuries. Whenever you slouch, your body is not in the optimal position. In fact, your poor posture adds stress and tension to your spine and limbs.

2. Poorly Designed Workstation

The way your station is set up could be contributing to your repetitive strain injuries. Unfortunately, some people do not have control over how their work area is designed. If you are allowed to do so, purchase some ergonomic equipment that can be attached to your chair or make your space more posture-friendly and comfortable.

3. Extended Period of Sitting

Not changing positions when sitting down and working is also a factor that causes repetitive strain injuries. Adding more movement to your daily routine, even when you’re stuck to the chair for hours, can help address the issue.

Reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries is possible by modifying your lifestyle or habits. To simplify the process, here’s a quick and memorable guideline. You just need to be SMART when it comes to your daily routine:


As mentioned above, breaking free from your habit of sitting in one position for hours on end can help prevent repetitive strain injuries. A great way of doing so is by incorporating stretches into your daily work routine.

Every hour, try alternating between every muscle group. Lightly stretch your arms, shoulders, neck, torso, and so on. You can search for videos online to see which stretches are most optimal for the routine you’re trying to reconstruct.


Another way of changing your usual routine is by standing up and walking around your work area every hour. This helps blood flow to your muscles and keep them active. You can choose to casually pace around the office or walk up and down the stairs if possible.

Add More Activities

Once you get into the habit of moving around every hour, you can extend your stretches and light exercises for up to 30 minutes daily. Make sure to try out different activities every hour to change things up a bit.

Reduce Strain

There are many ways for you to reduce muscle strain. Adjust your chair and, as suggested, use ergonomic accessories to improve your sitting posture and keep it neutral. Be mindful of the way you sit, and make sure to correct yourself if you end up slouching again.

Talk to a Specialist

Seeing a physiotherapist is perfectly normal, even if you haven’t suffered any injuries yet. In fact, preventive care is one of their specialities. These experts provide the health and fitness check that you need to keep your body in good condition.

Final Thoughts

Poor posture and work habits can lead to discomfort, and eventually, injuries that need to be addressed appropriately. By tweaking your lifestyle and following the SMART principles, you can reduce your chances of getting repetitive strain injuries. For even better results, it would be best to see a physiotherapist.

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