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With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on businesses worldwide, many employees have been forced to leave their offices to start working remotely from home. This was a welcome change for many individuals, as working from home is one of the best things they’ve ever experienced. However, working from home still presents the same challenges as you would face when working in the office, and we’re talking about back pain, neck sores, headaches, and the like.

Wherever it is you are working, such aches and pains may follow you around. This is simply because you may have carried with you the office habits right to the comforts of the home. Fortunately, such pains don’t have to last forever! By adhering to the following tips, you can easily tackle these aches and pains to enjoy working from home a lot more:

1. Unleash Your Inner Child

No, we’re not telling you to run around the home and look for the jar of cookies to snack on. While the walking aspect of that would help ease the stress that your body is experiencing, we meant that you should go ahead and get on the floor and stretch!

On the floor, get on your fours and slowly sit back on your heels, keeping your hands in position. At the same time, allow your belly to dip to the ground and hold that position for thirty seconds. This is a great way to give your back and other limbs a good stretch.

2. Do Some Chin Tucks

Chin tucks are incredibly easy to do, and you can do it anytime, especially when your shoulders and neck starts to feel the strain of working too long in front of the computer.

To do chin tucks, all you need to do is sit up straight and tall and then tuck your chin into your neck. While doing this, keep your eyes at the same level, and hold that tucked-in position for around ten seconds. Repeat this three or more times for maximum results!

3. Rotate Your Body

Generally, your back will carry the majority of the burden of your office work. It may not seem like it, but before you know it, your back and shoulders will start aching.

To relieve your back from stress, rotate your body by sitting on your chair, crossing your hands on your chest, and gently rotate from side to side for around half a minute. Another way to do this is to lay on the floor with your knees bent up 90 degrees. From there, bend the knees side to side while keeping your back flat on the floor. Both methods will help to stretch your lower and upper back!


These are just some of the many stretching activities you can employ to relieve yourself of pain, whether you’re working at home or the office. If there is one last tip we can give you, it would be this: relax! COVID-19 might still be here in a few months, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to help yourself feel better. Simple exercises such as these aren’t only great ways to relieve yourself of pain but are excellent mood boosters that can keep you motivated and happy despite what’s going on around you. In other words, put in that stretching activity. Your body and mind will thank you later.

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