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Technological advancements allow us to experience many ways to live easier and better lives, from ordering food to shopping for clothes. This convenience also translates in essential services, such as healthcare institutions. Nowadays, you can have an online consultation with your physician instead of waiting for hours in the patient’s lounge. It’s also advantageous for people who want to meet their physiotherapist but are unable due to the current pandemic situation, their remote location or an advanced injury that prevents travel to the clinic.


Embracing the digital age in healthcare industries


Connecting with your physiotherapist prevents you from experiencing the hassle of going to an actual clinic, especially if you’re unable to go due to physical ailments. You must ensure that you go through the right preparations if you’re meeting your physiotherapist online. Although you may not be meeting face to face, how well you can present your injury online will give the therapist the tools they need to appropriately diagnose the injury and give the appropriate rehab program to fix your issue.


If you want to receive an accurate diagnosis, here are three tips to prepare you for an online physiotherapy consultation:


1. Be mindful of your environment

Although you’re meeting with your physiotherapist digitally, you must still be able to present yourself appropriately. For this reason, you must have enough space to move to follow your physiotherapist’s instructions.


Before you set up your meeting, find a spacious area that’s comfortable to move in. Your camera angles should cover your work area so your physiotherapist can guide you accordingly on the proper form or take notes on any issues you may have. Remember to bring any tools you’ll need, like exercise equipment such as resistance bands or free weights. 


Find the best place in your home that provides a stable internet connection. If your WiFi connection is spotty, it’s best to connect to your router with an ethernet cable, if possible.


2. Prepare the necessary equipment and clothing

Online physiotherapy consultations depend on the quality of your network connection and the compatibility of your devices. You may have a poor experience with your physiotherapist if you have a poor-quality internet connection or device. For laptop or desktop users, try to use the best video conferencing software that’s compatible with your operating system. Remember to have a functioning webcam and mic to communicate properly.


For people using mobile devices, you will need to rely on your built-in camera and microphone. However, you may use headsets or earphones if you’re hard of hearing. Besides your logistical requirements, don’t forget to wear the right clothing since you’ll be performing several physical tests and going through exercises with your therapist.


3. Ask questions and clarify instructions

It’s very important to ask your therapist even more questions than usual in an online physiotherapy consultation. After all, you are lacking face-to-face interaction and physical contact. For best results, your rehab exercises must be performed safely and effectively. Ask as many questions as you need to familiarise yourself with the movements and make sure you work with a therapist who can communicate in a way that you can understand, even online. 


Don’t be reluctant about asking questions if you think you didn’t get it right the first time. Being sure about their instructions is better than second-guessing yourself until your next meeting.




Communication plays a crucial role in your treatment, whether you’re meeting with your therapist in person or online. Although the method of interacting with your therapist may be different, you must still remain on the same page when voicing your concerns and improvements as well as understanding what is going wrong with your body and how you can fix this issue. Seeking out a physiotherapist who can understand your needs and preferences is an excellent way to have a speedy recovery.


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