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When you are faced with an injury, you experience temporary or permanent damage, including pain and discomfort. One way to treat an injury is through physical therapy.

Physical therapy is a treatment for diseases, deformities or injury through physical activities without surgery or the use of drugs. This therapy can improve your way of life through various methods such as exercise, balance training, massage and heat treatment.

Physiotherapy is another name for physical therapy. It aims to help individuals with existing medical problems and personal injuries that may cause them intense pain, limitations on movement/standing and even hinder them from functioning normally on a daily basis.

Some of the personal injuries that may require physiotherapy include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (due to repetitive hand and wrist motions)
  • Sports-related injury (concussions, ACL tears and hamstring strains)
  • Whiplash (due to a car accident)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (cuff tears, osteoarthritis and back pain)

Why Physical Therapy Is Important

After your injury, a health expert would recommend you undergo physical therapy. A physical therapist will handle your case and will work with you so you can be back to your normal self again. 

To help you better understand this topic, here are five reasons why it is vital for you to undergo physical therapy after an injury.

1. Physiotherapy Helps You Avoid Surgery

The last thing you want to do after a traumatic, sports-related, and accident-related injury is to undergo various surgeries. Although in some cases, you may be required to undergo surgery, in other cases, physical therapy can help you heal after a series of treatments.

For an acute injury, such as after a car accident, physical therapy can bring you comfort, improve your overall physical wellbeing and relieve the pain you have been experiencing. Through this treatment, you can gain better mobility and be able to naturally heal injured tissues.

2. Physical Therapy Relieve Your Pain

When  you experience chronic pain after an injury, then physical therapy and other therapeutic techniques can help:

  • Reduce aching
  • Mobilise joints
  • Relieve pain
  • Restore muscle functions

3. Physiotherapy Can Prevent Further Injuries

A physiotherapy plan is created specifically for your needs to strengthen the weak parts of your body.

Your physical therapist will work for you to determine which areas are the most vulnerable in suffering an injury and will develop a tailored exercise plan to strengthen any weak muscle and joints, preventing you from having injuries.

4. Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Balance and Mobility

Getting back on your feet after an injury can be challenging, especially if you’re suffering from a serious and severe injury or after having major surgery. And sometimes, these situations can affect your balance and limit your mobility, such as standing up, walking, eating and writing.

With this in mind, physical therapy can help you heal faster, improve your balance and coordination, and bring back your mobility through various therapeutic exercises and routines.

5. Physiotherapy Can Help You Be Independent Of Pain Medications

 When you experience an injury and you need to undergo surgery, the next time that would keep bothering you is the pain after everything you’ve been through. And this usually puts you under pain medications just to manage and make your pain more tolerable.

But with any drugs come side effects and can even affect your daily budget just to secure pain medications.

With this in mind, physiotherapy can help your body adjust and naturally heal so you won’t be needing pain medications for long periods of time.


Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a beneficial treatment for injuries. It uses therapeutic exercises, massages, heat treatment and balance training and can restore your physical wellbeing in no time, cut down your use of pain medications, prevent you from undergoing surgery, relieve the pain and even prevent your body from experiencing injuries.

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